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Mission & Vision


Never Settle For Mediocrity

Our Mission

Point412’s mission is to study and understand target markets to specifically design strategies to maximize the profitability of our client. Most importantly, we at Point412 feel that the prosperity of our clients and employees should be the paramount investments. We make progression tangible through our Developments Processes, CRM Tools, and Organizational Forums & Portals.

Our Vision

Know your goal, meet it!

Our CEO, Nischel Soni started his career in the events and marketing industry as an intern at a  marketing firm in Berkeley, CA. He was intrigued by the fact that he could apply everything he learned in college into day-to-day tasks in the workforce of this industry.

After his internship ended, he took the decision to expand to Fremont, California, with one of his business partners, there, Point412 was born. As a global company, our vision stands in the ideals of global expansion. We want to take Point 412 to every corner of the planet. Through our partnerships we are able to reach markets like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, and Brazil.

We take pride on the abilities to enhance hard skills and closing skills for all of our team members. Our networking events and connections allows us to set our team for success. We connect them to other Consultants, Chairmen, and Directors from all around the globe.